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GrowSerum Nourished Greens for farms 1 Cubic Meter
GrowSerum Nourished Greens for farms (1 Cubic Meter).

Product Details

GrowSerum For Farms

GrowSerum A+B is a prime quality fertilizer with fewer containers. This makes it easier than ever to give your plants the nutrients they need from seed to bloom.

It is made with a formula that has been carefully proportioned for balanced nutrition. This ensures that your plants will get the optimized nutrients they need to grow healthy and produce high yields.

Second, GrowSerum A+B comes in two containers: one for the macronutrients and one for the micronutrients. This keeps the reactive nutrients apart while allowing them to be mixed right before application. This creates a single, easy-to-use formula that delivers the primary, secondary, and micronutrients that your plants need to flourish all season long.

This price includes:

1) Complementary IBCs.

2) Shipping.

This product can be suitable for hydroponic farms up to 1 year.

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GrowSerum Nourished Greens for farms (1 Cubic Meter).
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